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Loving your life is an art ... An art that takes years to develop through a process you have to learn to appreciate. And typically, people only learn to love their life after they are forced to ... usually after some big life change. Maybe a relationship has ended, or there has been a career change or a physical change ... something big. The reason I mention this part is because learning to love your life is a journey and a process that should be handled with love, care and delicacy ... and it's something you should be proud of.

So after days, weeks, months, even YEARS of intentionally creating a life that you love wholeheartedly, you start to understand the importance of the little things ... like what thoughts you choose to think, what words you choose to say, what beliefs you choose to believe, what behaviors you choose to exhibit. Those "little" things soon become the "big" things and you get so in tune with you who are, what you want and what you need that if at any point in your life you start to feel "off", you can easily re-evalute your current situation and make a change ASAP... 

... But what happens when we can't figure out what the problem is or who the problem is? ... What can we do? How can we quickly get through the hiccup to get back to living the life we love so dearly? 

Well, I am fully in tune with the Law of Attraction and how to manifest the life, people, health, wealth and circumstances that I desire. People who don't understand the laws will think I'm insane after reading this post, but for one, their opinion is irrelevant and for two, it actually works ... and here's how:

When you know what you DON'T want, you know what you DO want ... every single time. So if you're trying to figure out what you do want, get specific with what you don't want and then you'll know what you do want is the exact opposite. Then you can start to focus on that instead. 

For example, let's say you know you don't want to be around people who are moody, but instead, you would rather be around people who go with the flow ... well, there you go. You know what you DO want ... to be surrounded by light-hearted beings. 

Or maybe you don't want to live in a cold-weather state, then you know you like warm weather, right? ... If you want a loving person in your life, get specific with what loving means to you. If you want passive income, get specific with what your life would look like with passive income. If you want good health, get specific with what healthy means to you. These are just some examples. 

And if this is you, if you are feeling a little down and can't figure out why, take inventory of the people in your life. Take inventory of what no longer serves you and then start doing the opposite.

This process of learning to love your life takes a lot of time, energy and work, so when it's disrupted, you have to remember the part I mentioned at the beginning of this post ... it needs to be handled with love, care and delicacy ... and if people aren't handling your life that way or are interfering with your ability to handle your life that way, it's another indication you need to take inventory.

Life gets a lot simpler and happier when we realize that not everyone is meant to stay in our life forever. Sometimes we outgrow people. Sometimes we outgrow our home, our friends, our job, our surroundings ... and sometimes the only way we can get in tune with what we need to do to make a change is when we take inventory. If something is no longer serving you, it's time to let it go ... and this exercise can help. 

But ultimately, the exercise is designed to help us realize that in life, we don't always get what we THINK we want, but we get what we deserve and only those who are in tune with what they truly deserve will they then be able to get what they want. We can think something is right for us, that someone is right for us ... but sooner or later, we get disrupted. We get off track and we're either forced to live a life we aren't too thrilled about, going through the motions confused as to why we feel crappy and unhappy, or ... we are forced to change it. And we do so by getting in tune with our real, authentic self and the desires that are going to propel us in the right direction instead of inhibit our progress of living out our purpose. 

We can't get what we deserve if we are stuck on what is weighing us down. Sometimes the things blocking our blessings are doing just that ... blocking us from our blessings. If you take inventory regularly and get specific with the don'ts so you can start focusing on the do's, you will start to live a life that you truly love.