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We all have obstacles to overcome. We all fall down sometimes. But the biggest problem isn’t that we fall … it’s that when we fall, we think we need someone else to pick us back up. This post is to tell you that that is not the case. We need to have the courage to pick ourselves up on our own.

Picture this: you’re on this journey towards achieving your goals and everything is going great. All the people in your life are aligning with your vibes, all the circumstances are unraveling in your favor, all the big pay checks are coming in or are about to … all the doors that were once shutting in your face are now opening … things are going super duper!! Time is on your side and erryythang.

Then one day, KABOOM! All hell breaks loose!! All the positive vibes go to shit. All the cool people become pessimistic assholes. All the doors feel like they’re getting SLAMMED in your face, yet again. What the french toast, mayne?

So … what do you do? …

Well, when this happens … you have two options. One: whine and give up and fall victim to the same thing every other Tom, Dick and Harry wannabe-great falls victim to. Or two: You man up, take it like a champ and keep on pushing!

My advice?? Choose the latter.

See, I’ve done both. I’ve given up before … and from experience, I’ve learned that giving up is for wussies. It’s literally the EASIEST thing to do … on the journey towards your goals, in a relationship, at your career, whatev. Giving up is the absolute easiest way out of any unwanted, uneasy or uncertain situation. Cowards give up. Rookies give up. The narrow-minded give up.

But what if you didn’t give up? … What if, instead, you looked at the obstacle as an opportunity to learn something else … or to grow more … or to evolve in a different way? What if you looked at the obstacle as a blessing in disguise? Do you think you would have different results? Maybe, better results? … My experience? … MUCH better results. God-given results. REAL, HAPPY, PHENOMENOL results.

Steve Harvey said it best … if you jump … if you take the leap of faith … there will be hard times. You will get cut. You will get bumped. You will get bruised. However, if you jump, eventually, your parachute will open and you will soar. You will one day reap all the benefits of taking that leap of faith. But if you don’t jump … if you never take that leap … you will never soar. You will remain the same. You will remain stagnant. You will not grow … ever.

We all go through tough times. We all see things we don’t want to see, hear things we don’t want to hear and get sucked into traps of the small-minded … get our ideas shot down, get constructive criticism that may irk our nerves. But when we are so secure in who we are, when we are so sure our faith is at work, we realize this stuff is just stuff.

Think of it like this: what happens to us is not our fault … how we react is.
So, react with a smile. React with a smirk. React with some laughter because the best thing about this is that it’s only temporary!! What does temporary mean?? … IT DOESN’T LAST FOREVER! NOTHING DOES!!! NOTHING!!!

So, if nothing lasts forever, live as if you’ll die today. Let go of the BS, move forward with what you know, do what you can with what you have, and when you know better, do better. Don’t get caught up in what’s going on around you, don’t get stuck on the speed bump … push through and drive over it.

If this requires separation, then baby boo, get to separating!

There comes a point in time when you must, must, must separate yourself from what you used to be, from who you used to be, from where you used to be. There comes a point when you have to believe that all the greatness in store for you may not necessarily be in store for those who don’t believe in it, for those who don’t want it, for those who don’t deserve it. Sometimes you have to believe that getting all that you deserve in life requires some discomfort … it requires a different thought process … it requires distancing yourself from things that don’t deserve you, like bad energy, mean people and wrongful tactics.

Have a talk with yourself … because maybe you really are the next best thing … maybe you really are better than the people who judge you, better than the people who criticize you, better than the people who bring you down. Sometimes, you have to truly believe that what’s ahead for you is because of the work YOU have put in, the heart that YOU have put in, the soul that YOU have put in.

The bigger the storm, the brighter the rainbow. The more shit you’ve gone through, the bigger the blessing that’s coming. Faith works wonders. The laws of attraction do not fail. If you think it, you manifest it. Think of it this way: Your emotions become your thoughts, your thoughts become your beliefs, your beliefs become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your character and your character? … Your character equals your destiny.

When you’re on a high and then shit hits the fan, remember to fix your emotions. Rethink your thoughts. Start living with intention. Rework your inner wiring back to the present, back to the positive, back to the good character that you are. When you do this, you realign all the greatness you had coming and reconnect all the broken links. You get back on track and pick up where you left off. Life is not what happens to us … life is what we make it. Be sure to make it a good one. Remember, the bigger the storm, the brighter the rainbow. The brighter the rainbow? … The shinier the gold.

Keep on keepin’ on, baba! The gold isn't that far away.