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Leap into it. Dive into it. Take whatever it is at your fingertips that you’re uncertain about, and go at it full throttle.

People want to be amazing … they want to be great. No one wakes up and says, “I hope I stay a nobody forever, earning no income, having no friends, not growing, enjoying nothing” … Everybody wants greatness in some form or another … great relationships, great adventure, great experiences, great food, great friends, great assets … everyone wants something they consider to be great.

So, how do you achieve it? How do you become great? How do you receive greatness? How does everything around you become everything you desire?

I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’m certainly well on my way because I’ve developed a way to achieve inner greatness, the attitude of greatness, feelings of greatness for myself. And you can, too. Start with this:

Choose quality over quantity every single time.
Whether you’re choosing a chocolate bar or people you surround yourself with, the formula is the same …. Choose quality. Quantity, especially when not managed properly, can bring you more grief and aggravation than any quality ever could. Avoid bad company. Avoid chaotic situations. Avoid annoyances. Pick quality. You always get what you pay for.

Think positively at all times.
There is no room for negativity when you want greatness. You must deplete the negative thoughts with positive ones. For every negative thought, think of 10 positive ones to crush it. What if I fail? Well, what if you don’t? What if you fly? What if you succeed? What if you do whatever it is you desire, 100 times better than anyone out there currently doing what it is you want to do? Keep thinking until you reach 10 … by 10, you’ll forget what the negative thought even was.

Dream bigger than big.
A big dream isn’t a dream … it’s a reality. Anything is possible, so why not think bigger than big? … Why not be logical and dream the biggest dream you’ve ever dreamt? … The energy you use to dream is the same ... Hear me out: I heard in a seminar the other day, “If you can’t afford the house payment of $3200 for a house you barely like, and you can’t afford the house payment of $4000 for a house you really like, which one do you choose? … Do you choose the one that costs less? Or do you choose the one that costs more? … The answer: You choose the one you want. If you’re broke before you even add in your preferences, does the cost really matter? Choose the one you want.” Dream the dream you want, no matter the size. In doing so, you’ll strive for more and the more you give, the more you’ll receive.

Set standards for yourself.
Raise the bar for people around you. Raise the bar for what you expect. Raise the bar every day. Don’t fall victim to things that tamper with your emotions. Set the standard and live up to it. “I want a fit body, so I will have a fit body, and only fit people will be in my circle.” … This idea/attitude/standard will allow you to surround yourself with people who keep you motivated … who keep you on your toes … who have standards for themselves, just as much as you have standards for yourself. Whatever you want, set the standard. 

Expect respect.
Just expect it and if anyone comes to you and doesn’t respect you and your expectations, you give em’ the boot and be on your merry way unaffected and unapologetic. People get disrespected every day, yet continue to do business with those same people who do the disrespecting … continue to participate in the back and forth of the disrespecting ... Why? I’ll never know why, but I do know that when you have demanded respect, truly demanded it and expect it, you don’t let those who disrespect you, at whatever level, interfere with what you’ve got going on. Expect it.

love everything ... with a lowercase L. 
There will be haters. You will be criticized. You will be talked about in the light and in darkness. Your success will be the epitome of what others desire. Some will be happy for you. Most will be jealous. Some will try to harm you and bring you pain while you are attempting to build your empire. Others will be nice, but regardless of how people treat you, no matter what people do, what people say, or how people handle your success, love everything ... with a lowercase "L" ... the uppercase L is reserved for the greatness you achieve by following these steps. But what they do, how they react, how they treat you, has absolutely nothing to do with you … it has to do with them. Love them. Spread love. Give love. In doing so, you will kill them with kindness … You will radiate, they will deflate. You will conquer and you will receive. 

Develop your work ethic.
Work ethic is important because not only does it help you get ahead … it helps anyone who is looking in from the outside see that you’re serious about what you’re pursuing … you’re serious about what you believe in … you’re serious, period. Work ethic is what will determine you from the next candidate at whatever it is you’re trying to do. Want to fall in love? Work for it. Want to get a promotion? Work for it. Want to lose weight? Work for it. You must be so sure of yourself and what you’re working for that others have no other option but to see it and believe it, too. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work. Most people are lazy. Don't be lazy. Work for it. 

Dreams don’t work unless you do, but through positive thinking, through exploration, through taking a leap of faith, spreading your wings, and attempting to fly, you can achieve the biggest dream, any dream, ALL dreams that you dream.

Be about it, yo!