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OK, so I lied … the best decision of 2016 was not choosing to put 11 pillows on my bed. Nope, that was the second best decision. Because the first best decision was choosing to quit my 8-5 job. Yep, I said it. Quitting my job was the best decision of 2016, thus far!

The moment I got word that I had been selected for my new role as a public speaker, it was like a weight I’d been carrying for so long had finally been lifted … like I had been doing squats for years with no results and then all of a sudden ... BAM! Booty on fleek!!

I say this with humor, but to be honest, this is such an emotional time for me … in a good way.

The day I got the call while driving to my day job, I had a moment alone in my car with me, myself and I (and the man upstairs, of course) … and I broke down. I thought about the things I had been praying for and about the people I had been praying for … my parents, my brother and his wife, my friends and family, my loved ones, my hometown … all the things I consistently mention in my prayers and how I wished so badly that I could better their lives, as well as my own.

And when I finally had that moment alone and broke down, through the tears, sniffling and mascara running down my cheeks, a smile appeared. I realized that this is it. This is the moment I’ve been waiting my entire life for … the moment where I feel like I finally became who I've been working so hard to become or rather, un-become. I felt this moment of change in my bones ...

With the opportunity to make a six-figure salary this coming year, while also only working a few days out of the month, I'm going to have more time to do the things I've been longing to do that will help me help the world become a better place. I felt this moment of hope … this sense of home … this piece of mind that I’ve never felt before. It’s like I won the super bowl or the lottery, or some important pageant. The realization was insanely gratifying.

It was a feeling I will never forget because for the first time in a long time, I regained certainty that timing truly is everything and that everything happens for a reason. When you are patient with yourself and consistent with your actions, things happen. If you choose to do good and you're patient, good will come to you.

I had been praying for more time with my family, for the ability to travel whenever I want, however I want, wherever I want, and to be financially able to do so. I’ve been praying for true love and for peace, and ultimately, for happiness (even though I’m pretty happy anyway). And now, all of the things I had been praying for can advance.

This year, my life will finally come together. I will have financial freedom. I will have more time with my friends and family. I will be able to invest in my hometown and quite possibly, be able to take my romantic relationship to the next level … and it’s all because I took the leap … the leap of faith. I rode the wave, I prayed, I got real with myself and my needs, and did a lot of soul-searching to get in touch with who I am, what I need and what I need to do to get everything I desire and deserve.

This new journey will allow me to travel the world, to change people’s lives, while simultaneously changing my own, and to make an income that I’ve only ever tasted in my dreams.

I worked for this. I longed for this. I prayed for this.

And in doing so, I chose to focus on myself. I chose to build a relationship with God. I chose to understand the laws of the Universe. I chose to not let nonsense get to me. I chose to close my eyes and ears to negativity. I chose to give to others. I chose to not hold grudges. I chose to forgive. I chose to love even when I wasn’t loved in return. I chose to learn. I chose to work hard. I chose to only spread positive energy. I chose to value people for more than they appear to be to the naked eye. I chose to not let the critics with no credentials dictate how I carry myself. I chose to become the best version of myself by choosing to give up all temptations and focus on my health and well-being. I chose to be enough for myself so that I could be ready for the world when it was ready to launch me into the next chapter of my life and I chose to love myself so that I could fully give myself to someone worth my love … and the time is now.

Don’t let time get in the way of going after your dreams. Don’t let the rat race keep you trapped. Don’t let people who choose less make you feel bad for wanting more. Don't get caught up listening to others' expectations for YOUR life. Don't forget where you came from, but more importantly, don't ever forget where you're going or where you have the ability to go if you just work hard, focus and have faith.

Get real with yourself. Get real with your needs. Ride the wave and go get what you deserve.