Employee gifts.
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Employee gifts.

With more than 600 employees at three different locations, how do you celebrate the holidays? Or do you celebrate them at all?

The Schumacher of Delray employees experienced something today like never before … because prior to today, many employees at this particular place of business had never celebrated the holidays at the workplace.

For those who don’t know, this particular dealership I work for was under different ownership prior to October 2015. I was one of the few who built a personal relationship with the previous owner that many other employees didn't have the opportunity of doing. He was like family to me, so, transitioning to new ownership has been a little challenging, but that's good ... it's been a growing and learning experience and I love that.

Anyway, for many of the employees here, we would watch the holidays come and go like nothing. We would decorate the showrooms, but never with new, up-to-date decorations, just with whatever we had. We would provide boxes for Toys for Tots donations under each rooftop, but would rarely receive any toys. We would try to plan for holiday celebrations, but never really had the OK to do so or would just wait until the last minute and just say, “Alright. Forget it!” …

So prior to today, the holidays were never really a big deal for the employees here at the Delray dealerships. We always tried to do something for our customers, but maybe just forgot about how important it was to also do something for the employees.

But today, something changed.

At Schumacher of Delray, our newest Schumacher location that transitioned ownership only two months ago, we officially became a family … and whether the Schumacher managers know it or not, they changed some of our lives (particularly mine) forever.

Our employees come from all different parts of the world … Mexico, Haiti and Ethiopia to name a few. We speak several different languages, practice all different religions and celebrate all different types of holidays. But no matter where we come from or what we believe in, some things just unite people … like struggle … hardship … and on a positive note, a smile, a good spirit and a kind heart.

Before today, employees at this location didn’t really have spirit. They didn’t typically look forward to the holidays because to them, this season didn’t mean anything different … just busier and more stressful (in some of our minds). We had never experienced a holiday party like the one we all got to be a part of this afternoon.

HUNDREDS of toys were donated to children in need … and those donations came from OUR employees … We ate gourmet, hot, fresh food that many of us only get to experience once in a while at like, a wedding or something if we’re lucky … We received expensive gifts that some of us would never ever be able to afford, even if we saved for years ... Brand new Xboxes with games, 32, 40, 50 and even 60-inch screen TVs, sound systems, Apple TVs … not to mention the $50 gift card to Publix that every employee received just because.

During our raffle for employees, one employee accidentally accepted a gift that wasn't his. He heard the name called and jumped up. His first name happened to be the same name as the last name of the real winner, but we didn't know this until later in the day. Instead of notifying the employee, being an Indian giver and asking for the item back, Chuck Schumacher, the Owner and President of Schumacher Auto Group, said, "Just get another one ... No big deal." ...

Ah hem, huh? Seriously? I thought to myself. I was so impressed by this ... the fact that it was basically a no-brainer to him (that that's the right thing to do) was just really impressive to me. It said a lot to me about who Chuck really is and about what his intentions are when it comes to business. Clearly, his intentions are to make people happy ... either by selling them a car, providing them a service or by giving them a TV at the holiday party.

Today, Chuck Schumacher changed the lives of many people who would otherwise, go through the holiday season without understanding the power of a kind gesture … who would otherwise, go through the holiday season hungry or in need. Today, we officially became a family and we all feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of what this organization stands for.

On behalf of EVERYONE at Schumacher of Delray, we thank you, Chuck Schumacher, for all that you do for your staff. We all feel so fortunate to work for someone who truly values our work, our efforts and our families. You’ve provided so many of us with countless opportunities and today really showed any doubters how great of a company this is to work for and how great of a human being you really are. We heard about your awesomeness, but never really knew what to believe ... Today, you confirmed the rumors! Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of hearts.

You can all become a part of the family, too, by visiting any of our Schumacher dealerships and purchasing or leasing a vehicle from one of our 18 new car lines. We would be happy to do business with you and if you don’t believe us, just re-read this. The Schumacher Dealerships care … about you … about me … and about family. Happy holidays from our family to yours. #SchumacherDelray #JingleAllTheWay 

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